Our Mission

To honor the sacrifices of our fallen air warriors and support the families they've left behind.

our oath

Regardless of whether you are a Pilot, Administrative Clerk, Intelligence Analyst, Mechanic, or Terminal Attack Controller, if you are associated with the Navy and Marine Corps aviation community, we will never leave you or your family behind.


The Wingman Foundation is proud to support the Naval Aviation community and their families by ensuring that a fallen aviator's sacrifice is never forgotten. We do this by providing critical post-mishap financial relief, funding memorials and remembrance ceremonies, sharing their stories, and offering scholarships in their honor. The Wingman Foundation is humbled to work directly with the families involved in most cases.



We make funds available to both the family and the squadron to cover any immediate costs associated with an aviation disaster, such as airplane tickets, rental cars, hotel stays, and even catering and meals for extended family members, Marines, sailors, and other service members.

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We help ensure the sacrifice of our fallen air warriors are never forgotten by telling their stories both in the direct aftermath of a crash or mishap, as well as for years afterwards to bring together friends and family. We leverage social media, a hosted wall of honor, as well as traditional and permanent forms of memorialization.



Oftentimes family or friends would like to further memorialize their loved one with a scholarship, monument, or program in their honor. We work directly with the family and friends to offer, administer, and fund a tailored grant that honors the spirit of their flyer's sacrifice for veterans and dependents.

Unfortunately, we do not support non-aviation related mishaps. We strive to provide the best support that we can with an all-volunteer staff, and this means that we must keep a tightly-focused scope on only supporting mishaps that occur during support of aviation operations. This has allowed us to provide a level of support never before present in Navy and Marine Corps aviation.

We have found that this approach is also supported by our generous donors. They have entrusted us with their money to care for those affected by the dangerous business of Navy and Marine Corps aviation.