Support a critically injured VMFA-112 Marine


On the evening of june 25th...

Two Marines from VMFA-112 were performing routine maintenance on an F/A-18 Hornet, when a ground flash fire ignited and injured them both... one very critically. Family has joined the squadron in San Diego, where the Marines are being treated, and we are assisting where we can. Help us by donating, and proceeds go directly to family without fee from us.

VMFA-112, the Cowboys, is a Reserve Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet squadron based at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth. The squadron was performing tactical training on the West Coast when the mishap occurred.

The families and squadron affected by this mishap have given The Wingman Foundation their full support in launching this fundraiser to help with current and future expenses.  100% of all donations will go to those affected.

Thank you for your commitment to Naval Aviation. Lend support with the button below.


UPDAte: July 3

One Marine has been released from the hospital and is recovering with on-going treatment. The critically injured Marine spent over a week in the hospital in San Diego before being transferred to a Texas hospital for continued care. He is still in the fight, with his family by his side.

TWF used the generous donations to ensure that all travel, lodging, and logistical costs of the family were covered.  There will be ongoing support needed and we will be there to help every step of the way.