What does The Wingman Foundation look for in volunteers?

We work with volunteers from diverse backgrounds, and don’t have any specific requirements for applicants. We look forward to hearing about your passion, interests, and skills if you’re interested in working with us.

How is the program structured?

After submitting your application, a Wingman Foundation staff member will reach out to discuss your specific interests, weekly time availability, and thoughts about potential projects. Once a project and team are identified as the best fit, you will be paired with a Wingman Foundation staff mentor who will assist with your project progress. These projects range in length from several weeks to several months, depending on scope.

What does my involvement look like?

For initial involvement, we typically offer volunteers a single project or initiative to help with. It might be assistance in setting up a specific memorial, scholarship, fundraising event, athletic event, etc.

How much time commitment is required?

We’ll discuss your time availability and desired level of involvement early in volunteer on-boarding, and will work with those considerations to scale a time commitment. Our volunteers generally don’t exceed a couple hours a week of involvement.

What is required of me?

We ask volunteers to take on some independent research or work after project orientation, in addition to periodically checking in with our staff mentor for updates. We can offer additional manpower, funds, etc., as you progress through the project and needs arise…. But we rely on some level of autonomy for your involvement.

What happens at the end of my project?

At the end of your designated project, we’ll capture your feedback and discuss the road ahead. For some, a specific project is a fulfilling experience, and others seek continued involvement. We certainly welcome any level of involvement whether you seek a more permanent role with the Foundation, or if you are only interested in assisting with a single project.


Have other questions? Please feel free to reach out to Doug@WingmanFoundation.org.