"To honor the sacrifices of our fallen air warriors..."


The Legacy Program

The Wingman Foundation is proud to offer grants of up to $5,000 for your squadron or unit in order to honor the sacrifice of Marines or sailors from your unit at the celebration or ball. Click here to apply for the program and let us know how you plan to ensure their story is told to a new generation of aviation service members.

We would love to help honor and memorialize your loved one in other ways as well. From physical memorials, to stretches of highway named in their honor, there are unlimited opportunities to make a lasting legacy. Please let us know how you plan on doing it!


Every single Marine can tell you the birthday of our Corps: November 10, 1775. On or around this day, Marines from all over the world, including every unit in the Marine Corps, stop to celebrate our heritage and lineage. This celebration can take the form of anything from a formal adjutant-led ceremony, to a fire team splitting an MRE pound cake in a fighting hole. Honor Marines and sailors from your unit by incorporating their story into the ceremony and inviting their family to take part in the tradition, even years after they've lost their loved one in a mishap. Semper Fidelis!


Of course, nobody parties like the United States Navy! At sea or in port, whether celebrating the Navy's birthday or at a Squadron Bash, sailors can remember their former shipmates and families can once again experience the camaraderie. Our grant can help lower the cost of tickets for your junior enlisted personnel during a unit dining-in event while encouraging the participation of...